Withheld/Delayed Status
July 01, 2015


Effective July 13, 2015



On June 26, 2015 the NAR Legal Department approved a new status that the CWMLS Board of Directors approved at their meeting on June 15, 2015.  This rule will go into effect on July 13, 2015.  The new rule is part of Section 1.4 of the CWMLS Rules & Regulations and reads as follows:



Section 1.4 - Change of Status of Listing: Any change in listed price, sale of the property, contract expiration or extension or other change in the original listing agreement shall be made only when authorized in writing by the Seller and shall be changed via Broker load with verification of that change being provided to the MLS staff within three (3) business days (excepting weekends, holidays, and postal holidays) after the authorized change is received by the listing broker.


NOTE:  Withheld/Delayed StatusIf a Seller states in writing that they do not want their property shown for a period of time during the time that they have an active listing contract with the Participant, the property must be entered/changed to Withheld/Delayed status.  When a property is shown as Withheld/Delayed, the property cannot be shown by any REALTOR, including the Participant.  If placed in Withheld/Delayed status, the date the listing will be available for showings must be entered in the “Show Date” field. 


NOTE:  Listings that are not to be disseminated on the MLS, as directed by the Seller in writing, must still be filed with the MLS within 4 business days and cannot be entered into the MLS for the length of their contract.



Violations of this rule will result in a $100 fine and the removal of the listing from the MLS.  Please also note that there is a change to the number of days that a listing must be filed with the MLS.  All new residential listings, regardless of their status or dissemination instructions, must be filed with the MLS within 4 business days.  Exclusion forms will no longer be accepted by CWMLS.




If you have a Seller that has stated in writing that they do not want to show their property during a certain period of time while their property is listed (for most cases, this is used if the Seller needs to do some work on the property, i.e. painting, carpets, etc.) you will need to following these steps:


1.  File the listing with CWMLS within 4 business days of the listing date.  If Seller has not stated in writing, on the listing contract, that they do not want their property shown for a certain amount of time, you must submit the document the Seller stated their intention with the listing contract.


2.  The status you will choose will be Withheld/Delayed.  This status will be found under the Withdrawn status category. 


3.  If you choose Withheld/Delayed you will be required to enter the Show Date (the date of which the property can be shown). 


4.  The status must be changed within 3 business days of the Show Date from Withheld/Delayed to Active.


Items to note: 

1.  A listing under Withheld/Delayed status will not accumulate Days on the Market.

2.  A listing under Withheld/Delayed status will not be part of the RETS feed and disseminated to websites.

3.  A listing under Withheld/Delayed status CANNOT be shown by any REALTOR, including the Participant.

4.  You must disclose to your Seller, that if this status is chosen, there cannot be any showings on the property until the status is changed to Active.

5.  This status change DOES NOT prohibit marketing outside of the MLS (i.e. yard signs, r.e.guides, etc.).